How to Become a Medical Marijuana Doctor

MMJ leaf and stethoscope KY ODCP 80 How to Become a Medical Marijuana DoctorA medical marijuana doctor is a doctor that recommends marijuana to patients, but other than this one distinguishing difference there really is no difference between a “marijuana doctor” and any other doctor.  For a doctor to have the ability to recommend marijuana he or she must attend college, graduate school, and medical school just like any other doctor you might see for any other ailment or treatment.  That being said, it takes the same amount of time to become a medical marijuana doctor as it does to become a physician, or a surgeon, or a gynecologist.  The only really difference in training is specializing in medical marijuana treatment.  To break it all down for you, there are a few specific steps that you will need to take if you want to be a medical marijuana doctor in the future.
  1. 1.      Abide by the Law – Not only is it important to abide by the law if you eventually want to be a respected doctor, but it is also important to abide by certain laws in order to get grants to go to school.  In addition, you want to maintain a good background if you are going to become involved with marijuana in any way, as you will be more likely to keep the federal government off of your back.
  2. 2.      Attend College – Before you can even think about starting to work on a medical degree you have to first get through college.  In fact, if you want any marijuana-related job you will most likely have to be college educated.  You may not learn anything about marijuana in college, aside from what you learn during extracurricular activities, but finishing college shows that you can dedicate yourself to something.
  3. 3.      Earn Your Medical Degree – Last but not least, before you can become a medical marijuana doctor, you have to earn your medical degree.  There is no simple to get medical degree from a school that specializes in marijuana treatment, you have to get the same medical degree that every other doctor has to get in order to practice medicine.
If you can do these three simple things, then your dreams of becoming a medical marijuana doctor can finally come true.
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