How to Store Your Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana Seed Storage
Good marijuana seeds are not necessarily easy to come by, and they are considerably expensive.  For this reason it is important to keep them healthy once you get your hands on them if you are not going to use them right away.  It is important to point out that even before your marijuana seeds become plants they are still living things and need to be kept alive if they are to grow into the pungent little bushes that will produce your supply in the near future.  Of course there are various ways in which your precious little seeds can be stored, but there are a couple of general guidelines that pertain to basically any of those methods.  These are the most important factors to consider if you want to keep your seeds healthy enough for your marijuana plants to really flourish and grow properly.
  • Choose a place to store your seeds that is somewhere between cool and cold.
Although there are conflicting opinions in regards to which is better, a cool place or a cold place to store your seeds, there is certainly nobody advising to store them in warm temperatures.  Some growers simply keep them in a cool place somewhere in the home, while others go so far as to store them in the refrigerator.  Either is acceptable but there is much consensus to the fact that the freezer may not be the optimal storing conditions.  The reason for selecting a cool or cold place has to do with slowing down the life cycle of the marijuana seed in order to encourage a longer life.
  • Find a way to reduce moisture in the container in which you store your seeds.
A dry environment is important to the viability of your marijuana seeds as well.  Moisture is used to germinate your seeds so it only makes sense that when you are not germinating them you do not want moisture present.  Many refrigerators support drier air, and you can also ensure drier air by sealing the container containing your seeds tightly.  There are also a number of items that can be put into the container to encourage drier air within as well, such as rice.  Combining multiple methods will result in the best chances of providing your marijuana seeds with the right environment. Properly storing your marijuana seeds is the first step towards producing healthy plants.  If you have healthy seeds, you are on your way to healthy plants too…
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