How to Talk to Your Kids About Legal Marijuana

Marijuana Kids
Now that legal marijuana is becoming a reality, both medically and recreationally, parents are going to be looking for a new way to approach their kids about it.  For so many years marijuana use has been frowned upon in any form, and D.A.R.E programs across the country have went from school to school touting the dangers of the soon to be legal “drug.”  And although it will still be absolutely necessary to teach our children that addiction to anything is a bad situation, and that marijuana, like alcohol, is meant to be used by responsible adults, we can hardly continue the way we have been over the last several decades.  The conversations with our children should now shift from trying to scare the fear of God into them, in regards to the “dangers” of marijuana, to trying to teach them the concepts of responsibility and moderation. Many opponents of legal marijuana claim that it will be easier for kids to get their hands on it once it is legal, but there is little evidence that this is true.  When legal, it will be treated just like alcohol and should be discussed using a similar approach as well.  And there are a few specific topics involving legal marijuana that should be addressed just as alcohol is. 1.      Dangerous Situations – It is important to make kids understand that even though something may not be considered dangerous in and of itself, it can become dangerous in certain situations.  They need to be taught, for example, that just as with alcohol driving while under the influence of marijuana means driving impaired as well.  2.      Age of Responsibility – Kids also need to be explained to that certain things are meant to be enjoyed by people who have reached a certain age of responsibility, not when they are minors unable to always make the right decisions.  For alcohol that age is 21, and for legal marijuana it will likely be the same. 3.      Moderation – Finally, it is important to point out that too much of anything is never good.  Just like alcohol, marijuana is meant to be enjoyed by adults in moderation.  And it is also necessary to point out that once you go beyond the point of moderation, it is a little difficult to slow back down. Marijuana is by no means the dangerous drug that we have been being told it is for so many years, but anything with kids can be dangerous if they are not taught how to handle certain situations.  Talk intelligently with them about legal marijuana, and it will make all the difference in the world.
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