If Only, If Only- Cannabis’ Growing Potential

Cannabis has suffered a negative image for years, and politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups continue to negate its ability to aid a nation in need. The truth is, cannabis’ growing potential is at an all-time high. If Cannabis became legal tomorrow, what are some of the things that we could look forward to in helping this struggling economy? When we venture to ask the right questions, we may get the responses we seek. Cannabis and Job Creation: legalization could boost the U.S. economy in ways that people could probably never think possible. Glass blowers, seed banks, dispensaries, and scientists would more than likely be the first to feel the positive recoil of such an end to prohibition. Marijuana growers would then be able to move out of the shadows and create strains that could continually help ailing patients. More and more research would then be able to be conducted. Grow houses would be erected and jobs could then be created from staffing these centers. Cannabis and Freeing Up Taxpayer Dollars: taxpayers are currently paying for this “war on drugs” in great excess. That excess is to the tune of twenty-five billion dollars a year for the last decade. It has been proposed that if the U.S. would end its futile prohibition, the U.S. would no longer have a black market for the Mexican cartels to continue to thrive.  Numbers have projected that if California would legalize cannabis and if it were to spill over into other states, this could reduce annual cash flow by 1/5 to the Mexican Drug Cartels, totaling approximately 6.5 billion dollars in illegal exports. Cannabis and The Education System: Freeing up billions of dollars in taxable revenue would be a great advantage to the educational system. It is becoming harder and harder for middle class American to be able to afford a reasonable education. With this excess of taxes, we can supply the school system with more teachers, build more schools, and pay teachers what they deserve to be paid in accordance with their education and experience. The U.S. lags behind in education where we fall in the 76th percentile to the world in high school graduates. Cannabis’ growing potential is obvious. We simply need to remember what our forefathers said in relation to this amazing plant. Afterall, I do not think this crumbling economy and enormous debt is what they had in mind.
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