Industrial Applications of Cannabis

We should all have a pretty good grasp on the medicinal qualities and health benefits that marijuana have on the body of ailing patients, but in our haste some of us may overlooked what industrial marijuana can mean to our economy and environment. Our arguments can only be strengthened with further data of our cause. After all, applied knowledge is power. Marijuana: more than just medication: Commonly referred to as hemp, Industrial use of the product excited a great many people before its prohibition was enacted in 1937. Its prohibition would eventually lead to inefficiencies that would be more costly to producer and consumer alike. Its use would lower energy demands for production, create a more competitive product and overall offer a stronger and more lightweight product. Furthermore, its production would offset harmful CO2 emissions helping to eliminate the carbon cycle. Its replacements would cause greater environmental damages now that its prohibition was enacted. The Nay Sayers: Counter arguments have been given to the use of hemp as a cash crop. These arguments state that the use of hemp may cause for an increase of watering and greater distribution of soil. Furthermore, an increase in fertilizer would be necessary throughout the growth stage in comparison to other field crops. Furthermore, an increase of water usage would come during the manufacturing stage of assorted hemp products. The end of marijuana prohibition could help usher in the use of industrial marijuana to replace products that we use on a day-to-day basis. Its use could create sturdier textiles, be a healthier alternative to certain pharmaceutical drugs, replace fuels, be a safer alternative to plastics, cosmetics and paints. The fact of the matter is that our forefathers used hemp as a major cash crop and clothing during the infancy of our country was widely mad e of hemp. Some food for thought.
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