Kali Mist

Kali Mist is a super Sativa hybrid that takes longer than the norm in terms of flowering, as is the case of some Sativas. The plant in itself is long and stocky and provides good bud from the bottom to the top due to significant light exposure. It takes roughly one month to forty days to begin the flowering process. This is also the time you would want to make clones of the plants because sub sequentially the clones would be able to enter into the flowering stage once it has developed roots. This normally takes between 4-7 days. You will need to control the height of this plant as it can shoot up quite rapidly. We recommend indoor growth for optimal control. If you were to plant this outdoors you can expect the plant to become very tall. In terms of medicinal purpose, Kali Mist is perfect for focusing, pain relief, anxiety disorders, depression and is especially popular among women for menstrual cramps. It’s not a type of marijuana that will leave you wanting to sleep, it’s a perfectly good “day-time” strain and is recommended for “day-time” use. Consuming it at night can leave the patient awake throughout the night. It is better to smoke a strain such as OG Kush at night time if you wish to get a good night’s rest. The taste of Kali Mist would be classified in between the spicy and sweet categories and as mentioned above focusses more on a cerebral experience. It is also a perfect strain for meditation as it helps you focus. If you are interested to learn about other strains, cultivation techniques or any other information relating to Marijuana, be sure to check out our Weedpedia section. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the staff here at Marijuana Doctors 411 and we’ll provide you with an answer shortly. 234x60 Kali Mist
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