La Confidential Marijuana Strain

La Confidental
This Indica Dominant marijuana strain is primarily grown indoors, but also manages quite well in an outdoor environment. The plant in itself is highly resistant to mildew and mold and is a very simple plant to grow. Marijuana Doctors 411 recommends this strain for beginner cultivators to experiment with the process of cannabis cultivation. Being very adaptable to different growing conditions and not taking up too much space, this can be grown almost anywhere and under almost any condition. Most patients agree that LA Confidential is a perfect strain for managing pain, muscle disorders, insomnia, lack of appetite and much more with slight side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth. The buds are resin filled which makes it a perfect candidate for making essential hemp oils which is used to cure cancer and other chronic disorders. Marijuana Doctors 411 recommends that you drink plenty of liquids when ingesting this strain. One can expect a supreme body sensation that will last for a few hours. It is not recommended to smoke this in the day when you have a lot of activity to do because it inspires deep relaxation within the user. Many patients have used this strain to combat insomnia and have discovered optimal results. The overall yield of this plant is quite high making it a perfect plant for anyone interested in growing his or her own medicine. In addition this strain has won several awards over the years proving that it is definitely worth growing. If you would like to find out more information about Growing techniques, curing techniques, how to build a grow room and more, please feel free to check out our Weedpedia section. If you cannot find the information you are looking for you can get in touch with Marijuana Doctors 411’s staff and we’ll be more than happy to assist you however we can. 234x60 La Confidential Marijuana Strain
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