LEAP for Legalization: The Benefactors Might Surprise You

  leap law enforcement against prohibition thcfinder LEAP for Legalization: The Benefactors Might Surprise YouOk, so admittedly the people supporting LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - aren’t as surprising once you see the acronym spelt out, but what resonates as unique about this group is their persistence in light of the fact that they are federally trained workers, who are required to view marijuana as illegal as part of their job. Maybe they are so outright in their stance for legalization as they have - themselves - been witness to the violence, economic despair and general ruin that has arisen in the United States following former President Nixon’s now infamous “war on drugs”. LEAP is comprised of lawyers, police officers, judges and law enforcement agency workers who argue that instead of being helpful in the reduction of marijuana use, Nixon’s massive campaign has fueled the fires of illegal trade nationwide, increasing man-hours and federal spending, and endangering the lives of citizens and law enforcement officers. LEAP argues that their voice is one of authority in this matter, as many members were employed as part of Nixon’s campaign.   In the 1970’s law agencies in the US were keen to rid the country of marijuana and its associated crime, but over the years the reality of dealing with the illegal market has not proven fruitful for any level of the law. “The war on drugs causes what it was designed to prevent,” says James Gierach, a former prosecutor. “It works in reverse and what seems like a good idea is a bad idea. It keeps the price of drugs high, but simple laws of economics tell us as we increase the price of drugs, the more someone is willing to supply it so there’s more drugs instead of less of it.” Gierach claims enforcing current laws bring more harm than benefit and speculates that it will continue to do so for a few basic reasons. Prohibition of marijuana in the US demands that large quantities of unregulated drugs flow through the country, making marijuana legalization unappealing to large dealers of the drug who are pocketing on its illegal trade. So making marijuana illegal is increasing unregulated drugs in the country and making drug cartel king-pins wealthy - like Gierach said, logic here works in reverse. REMEMBER PHROABITION STILL DOESNT DOESNT WORK LEAP for Legalization: The Benefactors Might Surprise You Last year it is estimated that 25,100 tons of marijuana were moved throughout the United States, and that 60% of Mexican drug cartel revenues were from marijuana sales. LEAP feels that enforcing the prohibition of marijuana promotes gun violence and will make the construction of new prisons an immediate task when supporting the detainment of those already incarcerated is an overwhelming issue as it stands. “You name the crisis, the war on drugs makes it worse,” said Gierach. It’s becoming increasingly clear how many law makers feel about the legalization of marijuana, but we’ll have to wait and see how this sentiment transfers into legislation.
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