Legal Marijuana and the $200 Billion Dollar Industry

Legal Marijuana Jamen Shively
The legal marijuana market is on the verge of becoming legitimate. Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft Exec has officially declared his interest in the marijuana business. In a recent Fox interview Jamen disclosed some more details on what he wishes to achieve with marijuana in the US.
  • Legal Marijuana Industry Worth – Currently illegal marijuana is worth roughly 100 billion dollars per year. Under a legalized and regulated system that amount shoots up to 200 billion dollars. During the interview Jamen discloses how he wishes to help legitimize the market and create “high end premium” marijuana stores comparable to a fine cognac but in terms of bud. They’ll probably open a retail store that will cater to high end clients not bothered paying $300-$500 dollars an ounce. Obviously for most consumers this might be out of their budget but within the marijuana pie, everyone can have a piece.
  • Legal marijuana business opportunities – Let’s brain storm here all together. What are the types of businesses you can do with legal marijuana?
  1. Quality Control
  2. Growing
  3. Testing
  4. Curing
  5. Retail
  6. Delivery
  7. Paraphernalia
  8. Food (restaurants, café’s, cookbooks)
  9. Entertainment (music spots, comic clubs, etc)
  10. Therapy (Cancer Treatment Centers, Yoga, Massages, etc)
  • Legal Marijuana Sectors – Marijuana isn't just for recreational or medical uses, it also serves an industrial purpose. The 200 Billion Dollar chunk refers mainly to recreational and medicinal marijuana and doesn't calculate the industrial aspect of marijuana. With Hemp legalized we could see that chunk of cash increase maybe three fold. Jamen coined the perfect term for this new boom; the “Dot-Bong Era”. It seems to me that he has hit the nail right on its head.
We are living in a very exciting time when new business opportunities will begin to arise. It will still be a few years down the line before we can call legal marijuana a reality but in the meanwhile people like Jamen will begin to jump into the game. America, pay attention, the time of legal marijuana is near; you could either wait for the wave to come or ride it into a new age of American prosperity.
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