Legal Marijuana – A Concept of the Future or a Concept from the Past

300px Producer of marihuana Legal Marijuana – A Concept of the Future or a Concept from the PastMany people today are shocked at the idea of legal marijuana, even if there are even more people who believe it should be legalized.  But what many of those individuals who are shocked by the idea of legalized marijuana may be surprised to find out is that prior to the early 1900’s marijuana was already technically legal.  It is actually the fact that it became illegal to begin with that should come as a surprise.  The truth of marijuana legalization is that prior to it being deemed as no longer legal, it was illegal not to grow the plant that it comes from in certain areas of the world.  So the question that we are left with today, amidst the fight to see it re-legalized, has to do with why something that was so obviously valuable in the past would become illegalized at all in the first place.  And the answer is not so simple.
When Marijuana Became Bad The fall of legal marijuana actually began before marijuana even really became involved, as it all started with the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act in 1932.  It was at this time that marijuana was first included in public policy legislation, and following this inclusion nothing would ever be the same in regards to marijuana again.  Shortly after marijuana made a name for itself within the walls of governmental offices the Marijuana Tax Act was also passed, and this would truly be the death of legal marijuana essentially until very recently.  This is because the act also provided for prohibition of marijuana sales outside of the medical realm.  And up until last year this is how marijuana has been addressed in this country. Marijuana in Modern Times Today marijuana is still only legal for recreational use in two states, but many more are geared up to follow.  But prior to actual illegalization in the 1930s, legal marijuana was the only concept regarding marijuana use that existed.  It is the concept of illegal marijuana that one has to wonder about the origins of.
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