Legal Marijuana Affects People Who Don’t Use it Too

ah gte11 Legal Marijuana Affects People Who Don’t Use it TooThe legal marijuana debate often comes down to those who do not use it making decisions based on information that can hardly be called timely or accurate.  Those decisions are most often based on information that is provided by researchers who are all to apprised of the governments expectations in regards to findings.  But what these individuals do not realize is that the legalization of marijuana can affect them in a very positive way.  There are three ways in particular that non-users can be affected by legalization that may make them change their minds about how they feel about the legalization of marijuana.
  • New Business Avenues – The legalization of marijuana opens new business avenues that many non-users do not even realize are possible.  Not only will people be needed cultivate and distribute, but there will be food, retail, and club business opportunities too, just to name a few.  This means more jobs and an improved economy, something that anyone could appreciate right now.
  • Less Drug Trafficking Crime in Neighborhoods – When legal marijuana becomes available to recreational users there will likely be a significant drop in the number of people who buy it on the streets.  Many people will choose the legal route if one is available.  This means less trafficking crime in neighborhoods where families live.
  • Tax Money for Things States and Communities Need – There will no doubt be taxes associated with legal marijuana.  This money could be well spent on things that are needed in the states doing the taxing, and the communities within.  It would likely not be long before we saw a significant drop in the national debt if we tapped this resource.
Marijuana is not about pot heads sitting around being stoned.  It can be a lucrative resource from which we can greatly improve our fiscal health.  The sooner more people realize this, both users and non-users, the sooner we can begin to reap the benefits of legal marijuana.  Legal Marijuana Affects People Who Don’t Use it Too
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