Legal Marijuana and the Uphill Battle to Success

Legal Marijuana
Legal marijuana became a reality for Colorado and Washington over the past month. Medical marijuana however has been in operation for sixteen years now. Regardless of the pseudo legal state of marijuana some people managed to find ways to make money off the legal industry whether medical or soon to be recreational. Despite the legal marijuana status, people in states such as Colorado and Washington will still find plenty of opposition. Not so much from the consumers or the municipalities but rather from corporate trolls that refuse to work with legitimate businesses.
  • Legal Marijuana and The Banks – Let’s say a city allows you to open a marijuana dispensary in your state. You begin to generate cash and eventually want to deposit the money. Suddenly you realize that no bank will accept your money due to the current “Schedule I” status of cannabis. What should you do in this circumstance? The first thing you should do is get a few safes; three should do. One safe should contain your money, another your raw bud and the last the bud that will be dispensed. Try having a bank accept your money if it smells like Blueberry Kush.
  • Legal Marijuana and Loans – Okay we have established that you won’t be getting much help from banks. But where else can you get the backing to start a dispensary? You could look towards angel investors or a wealthy partner of some sort. There definitely is money to be made with dispensaries; the trick is merely finding the “round-About.”
  • Legal Marijuana Round About – So how do you move around your cold hard cash? Quite simply you will need to create a shell company. Something related to herbs or what have you that would be able to process the money for your dispensary. Banks have no problem working with these types of company fronts that have questionable means of doing business. It’s just the actual dispensary that is the problem.
Legal marijuana should be on every one’s minds right now. There is a paradigm shift occurring that will create a completely new industry. Once the tipping point has passed, many people will benefit economically, it just depends on who was prepared for thus said tipping point.
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