Legal Marijuana – A Christmas Miracle

legal marijuana miracle
Here we are nearing the end of 2012 and regarding legal marijuana, we could almost say a kind of miracle took place. In November of this year two states braved their way into the history books and re-legalized marijuana for the first time in 71 years. Despite a plethora of special interest groups fighting to maintain prohibition, the people have spoken and the deed was done.
  • The Atrocities of the Drug War – Fifty years from now when legal marijuana is intricately enveloped within the core fabric of society we will reflect. We will look at how minorities were discriminated against, how hundreds of thousands were being incarcerated, how tens of thousands of dead bodies were dropped on the southern border, how banks were laundering outlandish sums of money and only paying pocket change to get off the hook, where law enforcement and the federal government grew into an institutionalized imprisoning regime focused on outsourcing its agenda to the entire world. We will be able to see the vast sums of money that was spent on weapons and surveillance technology when we could have spent it on health care and education. We will see how few reaped the benefit at the expense of everyone.
  • The Marijuana Miracle – Legal marijuana is something real today, at least for a few states. Yet despite the trillions of dollar spent on dumbing down America, despite the decades long brain wash from main stream media something happened. People became aware of the lie, enough people realized what was going on. And little by little marijuana went from being a subject for “stoners” and migrated into the realm of science and medicine. It seems that the “spell” wore off and people could see that a plant couldn't possibly be “public enemy number one” as was dictated by Nixon and enforced by Reagan and every other president that followed. Legal Marijuana is more than just about marijuana; it’s about civil liberties and freedom of choice. It’s about education and knowledge winning against superstition and ignorance. Let it be known that 2012 marked the year of a new beginning in the pages of human history.
You’ll see more legal marijuana talk pop up throughout 2013-2014. The West coast of the United States will most probably be completely legalized within the next four years with the rest of America not trailing too far behind. Welcome to the Era of Cannabis.
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