Legal Marijuana Official in Colorado

Legal Marijuana Colorado
The 6th of December was an incredibly important day in history when Washington adults 21 and over could officially smoke legal marijuana. Today four days later Colorado crosses over to the other side as Governor Hickenlooper signed the declaration making Amendment 64 a reality.
  • Colorado’s Legal Marijuana system – Unlike the Washingtonians the people from Colorado can actually go out today and grow their own marijuana. The difference between the two systems is that Washington does not permit personal growth whereas Colorado went the full nine yards. Not only is possession and consumption legal in this state, so is growing. If you are twenty one and over it might be a good time to go out and purchase some growing gear.
  • Still a year to go – The full on system of taxation and so forth will only come into effect next year. It is now the job of the State government to create a regulatory system where eventually people would be able to go to stores and buy legal marijuana, go to pro-marijuana restaurants, cafés and you name it. In addition to this laws concerning drug driving will also need to be established.
  • Federal Government and Legal Marijuana – Yes for every story there needs to be the antagonist and in this particular story the government stepped up to the plate. As of now there still hasn’t been official word from good old gov, but they did outline a few potential strategies. The bottom line however is that in these two states alone, the federal government already are standing at the losing end of a battle, there are more consumers, growers and distributors in Colorado that it would take ten DEA’s to close down the operation. Also if they were to attempt to close down the movement they would also be tap dancing on State’s rights which will bring more people on board.
With all of the commotion I’m sure there are plenty of people in Colorado Chonged out of their minds today on legal marijuana, and they should be! If someone were to ask me when was the best time to be alive I’d have to say; “The day when weed became legal again!”
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