Legal Marijuana – The Domino Effect on the World

Legal Marijuana | Legal Cannabis
It’s been almost two weeks since Washington and Colorado voted on making marijuana legal for consumers 21 and over. Since then the Federal Government has remained eerily quiet on the happenings. Yet despite legal marijuana being ignored by the federal government, the rest of the world is ready for legalization. Almost immediately after Washington and Colorado voted for legal marijuana several other states including Ohio stated that they will pursuit a similar measure next year. Canadians in British Columbia also expressed that they too would want to make weed legal.
  • Latin America - Latin America is probably ground zero when it comes to physically fighting the so called “war on drugs”. When Latin American countries start supporting legal marijuana including places like; Uruguay, Belize, Mexico and several others, you have to pay attention. These countries want to resolve this new “approach” to the drug war. Calderon, Mexico’s president said that due to the legalization of marijuana in these two American states, the US federal government has lost the “moral authority” to enforce cannabis prohibition.
  • The Trend – If you take a look at the statistics regarding marijuana acceptance there is a definite steady rise in the “in favor” side. Little by little the fallacies of marijuana are being stripped away. More importantly people are realizing that one cannot have one so called “dangerous” substance as a schedule I while a far more dangerous substance is being broadcasted on national television; alcohol.
  • The Domino Effect – Finally this legalization movement in the United States now have given enough incentive to other countries to follow in the footsteps. As more and more people begin to break away from the silly war of the “grey faces” the dominoes continue to fall. Eventually the government will have no choice other than to accept legal marijuana.
Prohibition has never worked, you cannot keep people from consuming a plant. Legal marijuana is inevitable and within the next five years we’ll see more and more states and countries opt in for legal marijuana. Uruguay might very well be the first country that completely integrates marijuana back into the public sector.
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