Legal Marijuana and Equality

legal marijuana
You might by now be aware that prohibition targets minorities. You might also be aware that most long term drug offenders for mere possession are minorities as well. Not only will legal marijuana do away with decades worth of racial profiling, it will also bring the common man back onto an equal playing field in terms of production of goods. The History of Legal Marijuana – Before cannabis became illegal there was already a thriving global market. Hemp was used for many different things and was a fundamental part of society. Medicine, ropes, plastics, oils, food and fuel was all derived from this sacred of plants. That was until a few special interest groups plotted to end the reign of legal marijuana. Slowly they poisoned the world’s ears on the “evils of marijuana” and took away the one thing that stood in the way of them and their monopoly. If you are wondering who these people were, the list is long but you can start by researching Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger What really happened when Cannabis was made illegal – Marijuana as we call it today was a platform where anyone with enough motivation could do almost anything they could imagine. Ford made a car, other people made food products, cloth, medicine what have you. Hemp was the only thing that would allow the average American to contend against the big oil giants, paper mills, cotton mills and so forth. It was the only crop that was so diverse it could sustain an entire nation and would stabilize the economy. Products would last longer, there would be less waste and there would be less inequality between those who govern and those who “obey the laws”. Legal Marijuana will come back – Making marijuana illegal was never about health or the public’s safety. It’s about greed and tyranny and a lie that has been elongated for far too long. Legal marijuana is coming back and right now anyone who dares to stand in the way of this progress, will be left behind.
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