Legal Marijuana and the Era of Cannabis

legal marijuana era
Everybody that is half awake will be able to connect the dots in relation to legal marijuana. Within the next ten to fifteen years we could see a complete change in our approach to drug prohibition. It is evident that we have been prolonging the purest definition of failure only known as the War on Drugs. With public opinion quickly shifting to a rational health based approach to drug use, the era of cannabis is on the verge of happening.
  • Irrational Legal Marijuana Fears – Sometimes you have to wonder how people can get caught up on an idea of how things could be. This potential “fear” in turn governs their lives and only intensifies as time continues. Prohibitionists have wallowed in their own fear based lies for so long that the thought of legal marijuana occurring on a global scale is akin to Satan playing a nine hole with God. Their moralistic sin based rationale blinds them to the simple truth; Cannabis is a plant, a medicine and that relaxing moment of euphoria after a long hard day.
  • Legal Marijuana Reality – I could dive into the long and complicated history of cannabis prohibition but let’s focus today rather on what the return of cannabis could mean for us as a society. Not only will legal marijuana create additional revenue, provide medicinal relief for the ill, take off pressure from a saturated legal system, and reduce up to 80% crime. It will do this and much more, but one of the most important factors about legal marijuana is that the mere legality of this plant will weave out the same if not more racial persecution as most civil rights movements in the past. It’s much more than just about cannabis.
Marijuana is about you and me, it is about our children and our planet as well. The fact that you can be jailed for your entire life over a mere plant only goes to show that we still have so much to learn about what freedom really is. Maybe legal marijuana will be the key that opens the door to liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness.
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