Legal Marijuana – A Potential Sequence of Events

Legal Marijuana Sequence of Events
The taboo behind legal marijuana was finally lifted on November 6th when Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana. Since then it seems that the entire world is ready for marijuana legalization. A recent CBS News poll showed that 47% of the US population is in favor of marijuana legalization and with 47% opposed. These polls are in terms of full scale legalization. In terms of Medical Marijuana a staggering 83% are in favor of allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  • Legal Marijuana Origins – We all witnessed the first collective blow against prohibition. A two state victory allowed the rest of world to contemplate the scenario. Many states are aiming for 2014 and there is a strong possibility Oregon and California will attempt to be state number three and four of legal marijuana.
  • West Coast Marijuana – Based on trends and marijuana tolerance we could expect to see the west coast embrace full integration of legal marijuana. The medical marijuana industry will most probably create specialized treatment centers for specific conditions and illnesses. Personally I don’t think that under a legalized system that medical marijuana will cease to exist. I believe it would become more refined and provide great medicinal relief.
  • A sketchy timeline – Right now the two pioneers in the legal marijuana game are waiting for a response from the Federal government. As of now nothing has been done. Assuming that the government respects state’s rights we would most probably see full scale legalization in the west coast within two to four years. Current Medical Marijuana states will be the first to migrate to a legalized system where more conservative states would probably opt in for a Medical Marijuana system first.
  • The Tipping Point – The support for marijuana legalization is growing every passing year. As the money starts pouring back into society we’ll soon see a moment in time when the American people will stand together and repeal prohibition once more as they did in the past.
Legal Marijuana isn't a pipe dream anymore. The inevitability of legalized marijuana is on the horizon. Soon we will have access to medical, recreational and industrial marijuana.
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