Legal Marijuana Facts and Fiction

Legal Marijuana is not a gateway
There are many people that believe that legal marijuana will be the end of society as we know it. In some way they are correct, but not to the negative. Legalizing marijuana will inspire a society that will accept the fact that “some people” will do drugs while others will choose not to. Once of these prohibitionist unscientific statements is; Marijuana is a Gateway drug
  • The Gateway theory – Many prohibitionists blabber on and on that marijuana is a gateway drug. This theory has been debunked ages ago but every now and again you’ll hear people continually spewing this rhetoric. This theory basically suggests that human nature or originally “sinful nature” would become so addicted that your inner animal will come out. Your first fix won’t be enough and eventually you’ll move on to harder substances.
  • Harder substances – So basically they say legal marijuana will make you want to try harder things. Really? Harder things like Alcohol or tobacco? Harder things like Rivotril or pharmaceutical pain killers? There are currently so many “harder” legal drugs out there that this is a totally ridiculous argument. If someone wanted harder drugs, all he or she would have to do is go to the liquor store and to a pharmacy and a suicide cocktail can be made.
  • Legal Marijuana reality – In countries such as Portugal and Spain they found that when drugs were decriminalized, the accessibility might go up but the rate of addiction actually drops. What makes this even more shocking is that nearly 80% of associated crimes all of a sudden started dropping too. If you look at statistics in the Netherlands among teen abuse, marijuana use has also dropped.
To think that legal marijuana will motivate people to do harder drugs is incredibly ridiculous. The same argument could be made for alcohol and tobacco in terms of being a gateway drug. Hell, if we want to go to extremes; chocolate can lead you to binge eating and we’re not trying to outlaw Snickers now are we? Legal Marijuana will mean that adults will have access to a drug that is on all counts far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, that’s it! We won’t see hell on earth under legalization…it wasn’t there before it wouldn’t be post legalization either.
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