Legal Marijuana and the Federal Law

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Legal marijuana would mean the return of hemp

Surely since Colorado and Washington passed a bill on November 6th that allowed adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and grow (in the state of Colorado) up to six plants for recreational use. Legal marijuana is definitely creating quite an uprising all over the world. This leaves us at one question that has been on everybody’s mind; what will the Federal government do in response to legal marijuana? Until now the newly re-elected President Obama has remained eerily silent on the matter. A few countries have already started the debates on legal marijuana and it seems that the topic is only becoming more apparent every passing day.
  • Mexico and marijuana – Mexico is questioning whether marijuana legalization is a good thing or not. They have already suffered officially 60,000 deaths related to the drug war. The truth is that 60,000 deaths is a very conservative estimate. In reality the number is much higher and counting. We must remember, that these deaths didn't stop when the international eye diverted its attention. In essence Mexico is saying that they might have to re-think their strategy and that legal marijuana will become a controversial issue over the next few months.
  • Marijuana and the Federal law – This is where it all comes down to. How will the current administration answer to the recent legalization in Colorado and Washington? Currently marijuana is still seen as a schedule I drug yet constitutionally speaking “states do have rights”. Similar to the impact the legalization of marijuana has on the world as a whole and more importantly the message it sends, the president will have similarly difficult task in responding to these marijuana states. If the current administration were to use federal law to supersede the rights of the states, in essence they will declare the United States a centralized authority. In other words, there would be no more state rights. On the other hand, if they allow marijuana to reign free, they would be forced to re-examine their current policy.
For all of us legal marijuana is nothing to debate; it should be legal. For those who have been profiteering from prohibition, this is almost as bad as finding out that the “wrong leg was amputated.”
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