Legal Marijuana and Potential Federal Responses

Legal Marijuana Federal Response
For cannabis activists around the world legal marijuana in Washington and Colorado was a massive step in the right direction. The federal government of the United States however, is not too happy about this development. It was special interest groups that motivated the shift from legal marijuana to marijuana prohibition and it was the obscure motives of Nixon that intensified it. The government recently provided some of their potential responses to the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado. Below we’ll go through a bit of what each step means.
  • Federal Government still doesn't  care whether it’s legal or not – The Justice Department essentially states in a recent New York Times article that regardless whether the states opted in for legal marijuana, they would still have the ability to try consumers, dispensaries, patients and whoever they believe is a threat to their Enterprise known as prohibition, in federal court.  Whether it might be legal for someone in Washington to smoke a bowl in the comfort of his own home, the feds can still bust you as a drug felon.
  • Federal Government threats – Yes they have come forward with potential thuggish threats to these pioneering states. The first threat was to implement a full on lawsuit against these states for setting up a system to regulate and promote legal marijuana. They would essentially force the states to regress to anti-marijuana laws as established by the fallacy that is the drug war. Another angle would be to cut of federal grants to these states. Basically they want to “Cuba” Washington and Colorado but will find that if they were to opt in for that approach retaliation would be expected.
The Federal Government set up prohibition, they outsourced it to the world and build multiple billion dollar enterprises on it. When the entire United States was suffering from economic depression, when thousands of jobs were lost, when tens of thousands of bodies piled up on the southern border; banks, prisons and federal agencies were stuffing their pockets full with the blood and sweat of the nation. Legal Marijuana could be the last meal ticket for the average American, the little guy. Washington and Colorado will undergo scrutiny from the feds and will definitely require the assistance of a unified international cannabis community in order to end this oppression once and for all.
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