Legal Marijuana Could Mean Fewer Rapes and Could end Backlog

Legal Marijuana | Rape Reduction
With so many people in favor of legal marijuana and so many people against it we’ll continue to analyze the impact it can have on society. We have heard prohibitionists spew out 'hypotheticals' like there is no tomorrow. So why don’t we throw out a hypothetical in terms of rape. What possible connection could marijuana have with rape?
  • Illegal Marijuana and Rape – Currently under prohibition marijuana’s relationship to rape is quite sinister. Not so much because of the users of the drug but rather the burden on the legal system. With drugs being illegal, police labs are being used to test drugs as a higher priority than testing rape kits. This means that due to the prohibition of marijuana less time is being spent on a far more serious crime than smoking a doobie. Currently in the US there are an estimated 400,000 to 500,000 untested rape kits sitting in some crime lab somewhere.
  • Legal Marijuana and Rape – With Marijuana made legal the police would not focus its attention on marijuana related offenses. If all drugs were legal they wouldn’t not spend any of their time looking for drug dealers, spending billions of dollars on surveillance, operations, arrests, court room time, investigation and a plethora of other elements. By simply legalizing you shift the focus on behavioral crimes, such as smoking a doobie to person on person crimes; rape, murder, theft etc.
Legal marijuana would mean that so many men, woman and children that have been raped or molested would be able to obtain some closure in terms of finding out whom the rapist is. It’s quite horrific to think that our law makers believe that consuming drugs has a higher priority than rape and murder. It’s even more shocking to find out how many unsolved and untested rape kits there are in America. Why is it that these so called conservatives and prohibitionists believe that drugs will somehow bring upon the pending apocalypse? When did we start to think that legal marijuana is more severe than rape? As the tides begin to shift in favor of legalization, we will begin to see backlogged rape kits become fewer every passing day.
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