Legal Marijuana and Your Fundamental Human Rights

Legalize Legal Marijuana and Your Fundamental Human Rights

It is your Fundamental Human Right

The year 2013 started off with a bang. Meteors fell from the sky, presidents died and marijuana is "legal" in two US states....maybe. Yes on November 6th 2012 these two states (WA and CO) voted to legalize recreational marijuana for people 21 and older and industrial hemp. While the laws aren't 100% implemented as of yet, each state is working on refining everything before the due date. What about the Feds? This week, several former DEA heads expressed their opinion over the federal government's response to these legalization initiatives. According to them, the head of the Justice Department should sue these states for breaking Federal law and that all of these laws should be nullified. As of now the federal government has given some insight on what it may or may not do in these legal marijuana states but hasn't taken any official action against these initiatives. The resistance from the Federal Government towards legal marijuana is quite disturbing for many reasons. The first being that what these Federal dinosaurs are really saying  that "Federal laws reigns supreme over State laws" or in other words "Federal Government is the highest authority and can never be challenged". Wasn't this exactly the reason for the American Revolution from the Brits? Wasn't this the warning that the founding fathers wrote down about a government that has inflated to the point of representing the same monarchy it was supposed to defy? The rants of these DEA heads sent shivers down the spine of democracy and revealed the oppressive dogma of those who "govern this country" and "enforce these laws". We realize that these laws are not created for our safety but for the profiteering of a select few. We understand that nothing has really changed (from the government's point of view) since 1937 and that the same Reefer Madness protocols are still in effect today. The only thing that has changed is that the general populous is now aware of the fact that their fundamental human right of choice is in serious jeopardy and that 2013 will be a very decisive year. What about the U.N? Some might say that they United Nations is not important when it comes to US laws but the reality of the situation is that they are trying to influence the decision of the Justice Department. They claim that even Medical Marijuana is a violation of international drug treaties which might be true; but this doesn't mean that it's right. We have scientific evidence, US patents, expert testimonies that all support the fact that Cannabis does indeed hold medicinal value for a wide range of diseases and conditions. We can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt its validity. But it is of great concern that despite rational and factual data, that these antiquated policies still trumps truth. It is alarming to think that in 2013 we still allow superstition to rule.  "Marijuana is dangerous to society" could be held on par with "The earth is flat" or "We are the center of the universe". These governing statements, these ruling policies reflect back on society revealing the truth of our present reality; We continue to be the serfs while they continue to rule. It's time to wake up America...World! It's time to realize that inflated government cannot tend the individual needs of the masses. It is time to realize that we are not as weak as the global government's make us to be. It is time to realize that by legalizing marijuana and hemp you are not just creating new jobs, reducing crime and saving are also shouting to the history books that you matter and that your voice matters. It is time that humanity set aside its differences and legalize cannabis once and for all. Do not let the rulers of old dictate your have the fundamental right to choose.
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