Legal Marijuana – A Look Into the Future

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Advocates of marijuana legalization no doubt had something to be excited about when California became the first state to actually legalize marijuana for medicinal use in 1996, but today the future regarding marijuana law reform looks even brighter.  The most recent developments regarding marijuana law that we have seen occur in Washington and Colorado have really given advocates reason to believe that all of the hard work to promote reform is truly paying off. With the two states allowing legal marijuana to be established they are setting a precedent that will soon change the world.  It may take a while for all of the details to be hammered out in regards to rules and regulations, but these two states have taken the initial step that so many others are afraid to take.  So what does this mean for the future in regards to legal marijuana?  Although there is still much to be addressed, some predictions can surely be made.
  • Proponents for Legal Marijuana Will Continue to Push for Reform – As the artificial risks of marijuana that have been invented over the last several decades begin to fade behind the masses of new research that is being conducted today, the group of proponents for legalization will grow exponentially.  The push for reform will be even stronger, and eventually the federal government will no longer be able to deny the right to smoke.
  • More States are Going to Legalize Medical Marijuana – With 18 states, and even Washington D.C., already legalizing medical marijuana, and more on the verge of taking that step, we will surely see others follow.  This is a classic case of following the leader, and since California took the step in 1996, almost half of the states in the U.S. have already followed.
  • The Country as a Whole Will Begin to Accept Legal Marijuana as the Industry of the Future – As the country learns more about marijuana more and more people will surely begin to realize the benefits of marijuana legalization.  It is not only people who want to smoke it that want it legalized, but resourceful, driven business people that know they can make a profit as well.  These people will further the legal marijuana cause.
If someone asked 20 years ago, we would have to tell them that the future of legal marijuana looked bleak.  But today it is a future bright and full of opportunity, and change seems like it may be right around the corner.
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