Pro Legal Marijuana Growing Tips

Legal marijuana is a reality in many states within the US. Yet for the majority this isn't true. There are less than twenty legal and pseudo legal marijuana states in the US. We receive plenty of emails, requests and messages regarding “where can I get medical marijuana in my state”. The problem is that when you live in a non-legal weed state, we can’t really help you. It is then up to the individual to either assume risk or let it go. MD411 cannot advise anyone legally on these issues. Even in some legal marijuana states the neighborhood or area where you live in might be “conservative”. You’d still might need to learn how to conceal your growing operations, maybe not hiding from the law, but from pesky neighbors sticking their noses in places that’s none of their business. Tip # 1 When you grow, keep it a secret. Let absolutely nobody know that you are growing your own marijuana. With less attention on what you do in the privacy of your own home, the less likely it is that the DEA won’t come busting down your door. Tip # 2 Use a grow box or a stealth grow box to do your cultivating. If you are going to cultivate in your closet you need to take into consideration; ventilation, lighting, heat, humidity. Prepare your space. Grow boxes, closet or not, will help conceal the plant even more. Tip # 3 Limit your amount of plants. In most legal marijuana states the limit are six plants. If you live in a more conservative area you might want to think about doing two to three plants per harvest. You can use various harvesting techniques to make the most of the situation. Learn how to “lollipop”, string tie and topping to get the highest yield possible. With weak lighting you’d be able to get about an ounce of decent bud. 3 plants you could be looking at about 3-5 ounces. Which if smoked conservatively would last until next yield. Legal marijuana will one day be the norm, but until then, steal cultivation might still be required.

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