Legal Marijuana and Hawaii

legal marijuana hawaii
The citizens of Hawaii have always had a relaxed approach to marijuana and they have had a medical marijuana program for a long time. The next step towards full blown legal marijuana might not be so far off into the future. In a recent poll 57% of the citizens of Hawaii was ready to say Aloha to Cannabis in a fully legalized recreational system.  

Legal Marijuana Implications

hawaiiskunkmarijuana 150x150 Legal Marijuana and Hawaii   Marijuana is already prominent in Hawaii and patients and non-patients alike partake. Hawaii’s economy primarily relies on tourism and due to its natural beauty and perfect weather it does pretty good for itself. But imagine what would happen if Hawaii implements a legal marijuana system. Firstly their tourism would increase drastically since cannabis enthusiasts would be able to spark up on beach side coffee shops and stare off into the horizon.  

It’s stupid not to

LegalMarijuana main 1019 150x150 Legal Marijuana and HawaiiIf you come to think about it, currently there is a massive black market taking a large chunk of change without providing any benefit to Hawaii itself. And for those who have been to Hawaii, you know that high grade street weed is real expensive. Under a legal marijuana system we would be able to see a drop in prices and an increase in Hawaiian revenue which would only serve to better the Islands. In other words by simply turning on this currently illegal revenue stream, you’ll increase the value of the main revenue stream; Tourism. You would also reduce crime and create more jobs for local citizens.  

Hawaii will legalize

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hawaii will legalize within the next four years. The probability would be two years but we’ll just call it four to be safe. Currently the majority of the population is okay with the idea and support for the movement will only grow.   In the end the entire US will eventually legalize, but for now these liberal states will make way for the more conservative ones to follow. Good for you people of Hawaii; the people of MD411 support your cause 100%
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