The Great Hypocrisy over Legal Marijuana

legal marijuana controversy
It seems that legal marijuana has gained in popularity and more Americans are willing to give it a shot. Yet the Justice Department still wishes to force feed their “tough on pot” stance. Obama might have “lowered the priority” on recreational cannabis smoking but would still throw hundreds of thousands of casual smokers in jail, take their houses, money and so forth.
  • The Way things are – Currently in the US law enforcement as a whole has been catered around the Drug War. If you were to have ten thousand dollars in cash in your car and a police officer were to believe that it is “laundered” money, even though your Rich Uncle Jack gave it to you, it would be confiscated and you would have to fight tooth and nail to get it back. Get arrested for an ounce of marijuana and get a criminal record that will haunt you like a sprite till the day you end your last breath. Bodies are piling up by the thousands on the southern border while cartels infiltrate US cities. The worst atrocity of all within this legal marijuana hypocrisy is that well renowned banks are only receiving a slap on the hand for laundering money from dangerous drug Cartels and Terrorist organizations.
  • It all comes back to the Banks – Throughout this week you’ll hear the Justice Department tout that they closed the deal of the century. A “Whopping” $1.9 billion dollars in settlements for a list of money laundering charges that spread over ten years. The “Average Joe and Jane” of America if found with drugs or guilty of anything related to drugs would have their lives ruined, violently jailed and humiliated; treated like a criminal. Yet when a bank is deemed “too big to fail” even for the law we are in serious trouble. Legal marijuana is being fought tooth and nail from the Justice Department. Legal marijuana dispensaries are being closed by armed DEA agents but Senior HSBC execs would have “some of their bonuses” withheld for a period of five year. Some analysts believe that the “fine” would roughly come out to five weeks income of the bank itself
  • What is the Drug War all about? – We now come to a point in time where we have to ask ourselves how much more can we be fooled by the government. They now would mock legal marijuana activists by publicly dismissing criminal charges against the very people that are directly responsible for the carnage and high number of arrests. These people that laundered the money of powerful cartels slaughtered innocent civilians, imprisoned a nation and held everybody under “marshal drug law” for more than forty years. All they get is a slap on the wrist?
We the people demand legal marijuana now! We demand that those white color criminals are thrown into jail, their houses stripped, their money given back to the people who have suffered. Pardon all past minor drug convictions and allow America to become the land of the free once more.
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