Legal Marijuana Hysteria and Prohibitionist Fears

Legal Marijuana
The end of prohibition is definitely becoming a mainstream topic and with it a lot of prohibitionist hysteria is hitting the Internet. For some reason the idea of legal marijuana scares those still gripping to the fading nightmare that is the Drug War. Sue Rusche the CEO of National Families in Action wrote a blog post summarizing some of this hysteria.
  • Legal Marijuana Hysteria -  The Article essentially starts off with an irrational statement; “Regulating marijuana like alcohol will keep it out of the hands of children”. Yes regulating marijuana like alcohol would diminish children’s access to the drug but it certainly won’t “keep it out of their hands”. Some kids will get their hands on marijuana one way or another in the exact same way a child can get a hold of pornography, guns, alcohol and every other thing on this planet. Legal marijuana or not, if a child wants to get his hands on pot the chances are they’ll get it one way or another. The article then cites a few prohibitionist friendly “scientific” institutions creating more fear mongering relating to “child weed smoking”, alcohol consumption and the whole nine yards. In essence the message was loud and clear “We need to think about legal marijuana more seriously because of the kids”.
  • Do Children Run this World? – Whenever I hear these super mommies come out and talk about “doing what’s right for the children” I start thinking about how much children are doing for society. It’s not like they’re going to work for nine to twelve hour shifts, or they that pay taxes. Do children fight wars or do they have to meet the bills? Are children our Senators or Police officers, are they our fireman or farmers? Are children the backbone of America, the labor force, the sweat and sacrifice? This world is a dangerous place; it’s full of problems and hardships. Legal marijuana won’t make this world any more dangerous and will provide a plethora of advantages including creating more revenue that can be used to better the lives of these beloved children.
I don’t know when it became the accepted approach to life to do everything for our children. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want kids to be doing drugs either, but instead of trying to shield them from the world and its troubles, why not prepare them for it. Legal marijuana is going to happen whether you like it or not and in the end you’ll simply have to adapt and teach your kids to do what you believe is right. Besides, isn't that the parent's job?
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