What does legal marijuana do for us all?

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The word is out and cannabis users all over the world are ecstatic; Colorado and Washington legalizes marijuana. Prohibitionists rant that this is a bad idea; legal marijuana supporters claim that it’s the best. So in order to initiate the dialogue and speculation of the “what ifs”, we have created a “possible” future for legal marijuana.
  • Medicine – It is no mystery that marijuana has medicinal properties. Some more recent studies are finding that marijuana has the potential to cure things such as; cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism and does wonders for the body as a whole. Legal marijuana would mean that cannabis based medicine research could become more accessible. Currently we have only scratched the surface of this ancient and almost alien like plant. When marijuana becomes completely legal, we’ll finally blow the lid off.
  • Hemp – Oh let’s not forget about hemp. This is the silent brother of society’s mistress, marijuana. Hemp is probably one of the most neglected renewable resources on the planet. We hear everybody complain about the environment yet nobody is willing to do what it takes to fix the problem. Hemp could substitute paper around the world; it can be made into fuel, food, cloth and even construction materials. We could build cars from hemp and it could run on hemp based fuel.  Some people claim it to be a pipe dream, but it was the original vision of Henry Ford.
  • Recreation – This is the new kid on the block. Colorado and Washington legalized personal consumption of marijuana. This new legal marijuana market will be examined by all. Some people call it a public health experiment. Stoners in Colorado and Washington call it heaven. Regardless of what happens to the recreational market, the message is loud and clear; people want pot legal.
2012, regardless of what your beliefs may be, was an historic year. It marked the great return of legal marijuana in the United States. It was a unified shout that was heard all around the world. The floodgates of tolerance have been opened and what happens from here; what do you think could happen?
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