Legal Marijuana – Movement in Mexico

legal marijuana
Now with two US states implementing a legal marijuana regulatory system it seems that Mexico might also begin to shift in that direction. Although Mexico still has 79% of the population opposed to the idea, it doesn’t mean that these numbers are shifting.
  • Legal Marijuana and Mexico’s Youth – You have to understand that Mexico is divided into two main groups; Projected Mexico and Real Mexico. Although perceived Mexico stands firmly against marijuana legalization, the “real Mexico” is quite fond of the plant. Many people simply don’t care about the plant and since you can pick up a few grams for less than $5 USD (bad weed, but nonetheless). Many farmers in rural towns grow marijuana as their only source of income and treat it no different than they would corn or maguey.
  • Legal Marijuana and Mexican Politics – Finally after six years of bloodshed it seems that politicians are starting to wake up. A governor in the State of Colima has proposed to legalize in his small coastal state while a congressmen also submitted a proposal for full scale legalization. In 2009 Mexico decriminalized small possessions of pot (5 grams or less) among other drugs but full scale legalization is still a whiles down the road.
  • The Future of Legal Marijuana in Mexico – By the time the entire west coast of the US has legalized marijuana Mexico will have no option but to do the same or at least start moving in the same direction. Arizona and California both border Mexico and the moment marijuana is legalized in those two states the flow of illicit marijuana will reverse; from the US to Mexico. It will suddenly be American Drug Traffickers that will be enriching themselves on the Mexican pot market. The only alternative for Mexico to compete with this trend would be to legalize and engage on a national cannabis strategy.
Legal marijuana is a reality for several states in the United States over the next few years, Mexico will not stay behind the moment it realized that there is money to be made in the legal marijuana market. 
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