Legal Marijuana and Microsoft – What’s the relation?

legal marijuana
Legal marijuana is a reality for Washington State and it seems that it caught the attention of a few top dogs. Marijuana in its illegality is a multi-billion dollar industry of which currently only criminal cartels benefit from. Since November 6th this all changed and within the following year an entire industry will be erected; Legal marijuana.
  • What does legal marijuana have to do with Microsoft? – Other than the fact that Marijuana and Microsoft both start with an M, a former exec expressed his desire to enter into the legal marijuana industry. Jamen Shively announced KiroTV that he has a definite interest to break into the market. According to him he’ll be working on “premium” marijuana similar to cognac, a fine wine and so forth. Within the world of marijuana we already have some pretty “premium” stuff out there so one can only imagine what it would mean to have the funding of a former Microsoft exec.
  • The Legal Marijuana Industry: Two States braved into the world of legal cannabis and are currently working on a tax model. Washington is said to have high taxes that will come into effect but if you ask me, I think they’ll find that starting low and working their way up will work best. Washington applied a similar taxation strategy with alcohol where they met market price and gradually increased taxes until they had some of the highest liquor taxes in the US. One thing is certain, the marijuana industry will definitely be a profitable one.
  • Legal Marijuana Monopoly – Some people fear the “marijuanopoly” and with former Microsoft execs jumping on board their fears might be legitimized. In some places “marijuanopolies” will be established but cannabis is a plant of a different nature. Some people just have a gift with cultivation and similar to cognac, some people will have signature strains.
Legal marijuana is the modern day wild west. Right now there still might be some resistance to the idea, it’s okay. Whenever a major shift in paradigm occurs it is welcomed by opposition. But with Jamen jumping on board we can see that the tipping point for legal marijuana is here.
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