Legal Marijuana and IQ loss?

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We have heard the media gone wild over legal marijuana and its potential chaotic side effects on the human body and society. A recent article claims that adolescents that smoke marijuana will suffer roughly 8 point drop in IQ by the time they are 38 years old. This is quite a strange find especially since another study suggests that marijuana actually helps form new nerve cells in the hippocampus.
  • Marijuana IQ study – Before we can claim that marijuana actually does affect the IQ we need to understand what can affect the results of an IQ test. Believe it or not, height seem to have an effect on the IQ. Does that mean that tall people are naturally smarter than short people? But let’s take these factors out of the equation, and rather take a closer look at the study. More importantly, who funded it.
  • Marijuana IQ study funds – Always beware of “studies” because unless you follow where the money comes from, you cannot understand the true purpose of the study. It just so happens that this three decade long study was funded by government grants from the US and the UK, the two promoters of the War on Drugs. The US government and the UK government does not fund projects that show the “benefits of legal marijuana” and will only fund programs that “proves its harmful”. Thus this entire study already has a political agenda behind it.
  • Legal Marijuana and Government Studies – In the past the government also released several different “studies” that proved marijuana was bad. After more scrutiny all of these studies were found false. As it turned out that most of the test results were misinterpreted. Monkeys with less brain cells didn’t lose them from smoking marijuana, but rather from being suffocated with smoky by scientists. The list goes on and it doesn’t seem to end even well into 2012.
The mere fact that the United States government pays scientists to find harmful side effects and ignore beneficial side effects of legal marijuana use is testament to the fact that there are special interest groups involved in marijuana prohibition. Legal Marijuana is not bad, not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol, it will not cause brain damage, loss of IQ or any of the claims the government makes. When someone tells you smoking pot makes you dumber you can counter with; “so does the Federal Government”.
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