Legal Marijuana and Obama’s Recent Comments

Legal Marijuana Obama
It seems that cannabis activists can rest a bit easier after President Obama shed some light as to what the government will do in response to legal marijuana laws passed in Washington and Colorado. For now it seems that recreational smokers will not be a high priority as the government has “bigger fish to fry”. More of the same? If you recall in 2008 when President Obama was running for office he made the voting population believe that he would be “soft on marijuana laws”. Legal marijuana in the form of medical marijuana however came under fire by the Obama administration in 2011-2012. His former “promises” didn’t last long and maybe this could simply be more of the same political tactics to “disarm” the political bomb that is legal marijuana. Smoke Screens Another way we can look at this event is that the President and the Justice Department are simply trying to buy some time before they make their move. Legal marijuana wasn’t expected to occur just yet despite growing support. Could these comments merely be a tactic to allow cannabis activists to lower their guard so that the government can prepare their retaliation without public pressure? A change in the wind? Maybe this time legal marijuana will come out the victor. The federal government simply does not have the man power to go after every recreational smoker in Washington or Colorado.  With a raging war on the southern border, with hundreds of thousands of activists speaking up for cannabis rights, the president might find himself in the difficult spot of being backed into a corner. If he violates State’s rights he’ll have many more opponents on the table, if he allows marijuana to be legal he’ll lose a lot of his “prohibitionist” support. Silence might be his best approach in this time as any real movement could mean political suicide. Especially with a divided country. Legal marijuana is one thing that the majority of Americans can agree on. It seems that the US is ready to open a brand new page in their history books and maybe within the next five to ten years we can see the atrocious drug war end. Legal marijuana could simply be the first domino.
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