Legal Marijuana – It’s a Reality now!

 Legal Marijuana – It’s a Reality now!Well ladies and gentlemen of the jury, legal marijuana is finally here. In Washington and Colorado marijuana was made legal for personal consumption and retail. What does this mean?  In essence you would be able to purchase marijuana legally in a store. The retail, consumption and production of marijuana will now be regulated and taxed.
  • Prohibition’s final days – It’s quite amazing to see that Colorado and Washington taking on federal prohibition. It goes to show that people are simply tired of spending billions of dollars on drug prohibition, specifically marijuana. With Washington and Colorado legalizing marijuana for personal consumption, we can expect in the next few years to have several other states follow their example.
  • What about the Feds – We don’t know what the feds will do. All we know is that the people have spoken. Obama was also re-elected as president and his stance on legal marijuana was quite different than promised. The difference though is that this time around marijuana has been made legal, not medical marijuana, but just pot.
  • Hemp is back – Hemp was also on the ballots, so expect to see the Hemp industry come back. This is very significant because Hemp could be the key to climb out of the current economic depression. It could mean that America could begin to develop new products, exports and ultimately jobs for the American people.
  • Law enforcement – Legal marijuana in these states mean that the cops won’t have to spend so much money on catching stoners. In fact all of the money used on marijuana can now be spent on real crimes such as rape, murder, theft and so forth.
Marijuana has been legal for thousands of years and only for the past 71 have we experience prohibition. With yesterday’s legalization effort we can expect marijuana to come back in full force. What will happen once legal marijuana steps into the picture completely is still very foggy. But one is for sure, that legal marijuana will change the way society operates in a fundamental aspect. With marijuana legal, the people will once more have the versatility of choice and would be able to produce their own medicine, construction materials and even fuel.
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