Looking at Possible Legal Marijuana Restrictions in Washington and Colorado

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington are no doubt a reason to celebrate, but it goes without saying that there are going to be certain restrictions that go along with the residents of these states new found freedom.  Before pot smoking residents go celebrating in the streets of their hometowns and start a small farm in their backyards it is important to determine what the restrictions are.  Most restrictions will involve where legal marijuana can be grown, how much of it can be grown, where marijuana can be smoked, and how much marijuana any one individual can have on their person at any given time.  A few predictions in regards to what some of these restrictions may be will help you to know what to expect and how to avoid trouble.
  • Growing, Using, and Dispensing in Areas Designated for Children – In both Colorado and Washington there is no doubt that there will be strict restrictions in regards to the use and sale of marijuana around areas designated for children.  Seattle has already proposed such limits, advising that marijuana grow warehouses and dispensaries should have to be at least 1,000 feet from such areas.
  • Growing Marijuana Plants on Your Own Property – There will also surely be restrictions in regards to growing your own marijuana in both of these states as well.  Having a backyard filled with marijuana plants can lead to all kinds of problems, so restrictions will likely include having to grow in covered areas and limits on the number of plants that can be grown and flowering at any given time.  In Colorado that limit is currently six, with only three flowering at any time.
  • Amount of Marijuana Residents Can Have – Finally, it is very likely that residents of these states will still only be able to carry a certain amount of marijuana on them at any given time.  Without such restrictions crime involving theft may become a problem, so these restrictions are for the own good of the residents of the states that implement them.
The freedom to have access to legal marijuana is a great thing, but with any freedom there comes restrictions as well, and these restrictions are what will help everything to run as smoothly as it should.
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