Legal Marijuana – The New Gold Rush

 Legal Marijuana – The New Gold RushWith Colorado, Washington and Oregon voting on legalizing marijuana people will soon begin to realize that legal marijuana is the new gold rush. Not only does marijuana provide medical benefits, it also has plenty of industrial uses.
  • Jobs – Legal marijuana has the potential to create thousands of new jobs. From cultivation to processing and retail, we can expect a boom within the job market. This is true for both commercial cannabis and hemp (industrial).
  • Legal Resources – By legalizing marijuana we would stop spending billions of dollars on law enforcement. All of these resources can be re-distributed into fighting other crimes far more dangerous than marijuana. We would also reduce millions of prison sentences annually. Tally all of this together and you stand to save billions.
  • Tourism – Some people believe that legal marijuana won’t increase tourism. This thought is ridiculous. Legal Marijuana will not only increase foreign tourism but in state tourism as well. Look at Amsterdam as an example.
  • Industrial Marijuana – Hemp is the male plant of cannabis. There is very little THC found within the plant. Hemp is made of a thick resilient stock and has more than 25,000 unique uses. This factor alone stands to gain billions if not trillions of dollars. We could easily replace the paper, cotton and even things like plastics and fuel with Hemp. It is because of this versatility that marijuana was first made illegal in 1937.
The United States is a country of innovation. If you were to legalize marijuana you would find that their creativity would spark a cannabis revolution. Currently the political climate of the country is very similar to when alcohol was illegal. It took alcohol legalization to help the country out of a very dark period in their history. Today we are facing similar conditions and marijuana could become the next economic boom in the US. Legal marijuana is definitely here to stay regardless of the current federal views on marijuana. Not all of the states will legalize at once, it will take some time. But once the tipping has been reached we can rest assure that legal marijuana will be a way of life.
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