Legal Marijuana or Legal Slavery – Choosing sides

legal marijuana will end slavery
With legal marijuana becoming a topic of great importance in America and the rest of the world many different opinions are being brought to light. One important opinion; deals with what Quintin Tarantino brought to light in a recent interview about his latest movie; “Django Unchained”. During the interview Tarantino begins to speak about legal slavery and the war on drugs.  

What is Legal Slavery?

In the past people could literally “own” other people. Eventually slavery was abolished around the world for being atrocious violations of human rights; no person should be treated as someone’s property. If you thought that those slave owners simply sat back and gave up you’re mistaken. Statistically speaking people of African and Latin American decent have a higher probability of being incarcerated for minor drug possession and generally serve much harsher punishments. In other words this is government sanctioned racial discrimination and systematic slavery.  

Legal Marijuana: The Drug War is Slavery

305470 standard 150x150 Legal Marijuana or Legal Slavery – Choosing sides Don’t be fooled about what they say about legal marijuana, it has nothing to do with public safety or even the concern of for the future of “our beloved children”. If you were to do some research on privately owned prisons in the US and the rates of mass incarceration directly correlating with the Drug War you can only come to one conclusion. These same people that are “Drug Warriors” in many cases receive massive amounts of money from lobbyists. These are you’re politicians, police chiefs and policy makers that all benefit from it. But more atrociously is finding out why.    

Why pay minimum wage when you can pay Slave wage?

  prisonlabor 150x150 Legal Marijuana or Legal Slavery – Choosing sides Here comes the slap in the face to all the hard working Americans reading this article. Due to the high rates of incarceration there are millions of people with a drug conviction haunting their names. Many of these served a few months, years or in some cases even life in prison. All of these prisoners automatically become the new US “Sweatshop” worker and will be paid a mere $.24-$.93 per hour. So now prisoners will be cheaper for physical labor than any immigrant or outsourced sweat shop. Wonder why so many minimum wage jobs are disappearing off the market? Legal marijuana is more than just being able to choose your medicine, it’s about pulling the plug on the politically motivated slave machine and giving people their lives back. We need to legalize marijuana today!
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