Legal Marijuana – It’s just a matter of time!

Legal Marijuana
There definitely is a lot of hype surrounding legal marijuana. It seems that November 6th will be remembered throughout history. All it took was for two states to come together and vote on legal marijuana and suddenly the floodgates were opened. Since Washington and Colorado legalized weed, the world decided that it’s ready to do the same. Okay, maybe not the entire world is “on board” with legal weed, but there has been talk fluttering all over the inter-sphere. Uruguay even decided to take it a step further, the current president is attempting to create a legal marijuana market within his country. Yes you heard it, they will actually on a Federal level break into the weed business. So who’s going to Uruguay next summer?
  • Latin America on Legal Weed – Several Latin American countries are also ready to start talking about legalization. Why? Well if you would wake up every morning to extortion or bodies hanging from bridges, then legalization doesn’t sound so bad. In America people get arrested for marijuana, but in Latin America you could very well end up in pieces stuffed into a metal container with sulfuric acid slowly dissolving your dismembered body. Mass graves, mutilated bodies, corruption running the show…think of alcohol prohibition. Now think of alcohol prohibition on steroids, crack and meth…that’s what’s happening in Latin America.
  • The United States – Shortly after Colorado and Washington declared their victory, many other states said; “We want legal marijuana too!” Medbox’s stocks shot up and actually scared the owners. Why are people suddenly buying stocks in legal marijuana? Could it be that a new industrial boom is on the verge of happening? The political atmosphere surrounding weed is changing and soon you’ll begin seeing sporadic legalization occurring. It won’t happen all at once, but little by little, just like alcohol, weed will win!
Legal Marijuana is an inevitable scenario. Whether you agree with it or not, support is growing. As more evidence come to light in favor of cannabis and its impact on humanity, more people are jumping on the legal marijuana train.
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