Legal Marijuana and the United Nations

Legal Marijuana
Since Washington and Colorado voted on legal marijuana there have been many voices raised on the issue. For the general global public this was stellar news. People from all over the world rejoiced as legal marijuana made its way back into society. Yet as so many people shouted in favor, the typical nay-Sayers also stepped onto the plate. The guy who is currently in charge of the UN’s Anti-Drug agency recently made a few comments that didn’t sit too well with the Cannabis community. First of all Mr. Raymonds Yans spattered out the “wrong message to the kids” prohibitionist jargon and “encouraged” the Federal Government of the US to put an end to it. So let’s analyze;
  • UN’s influence – The United Nations don’t have any “real” influence over first world countries. Note that I said first world countries because the UN does have a lot of influence over impoverished countries. There are several accounts of UN abuse on innocent people, raping of young people in Congo. In reality the UN can only suggest, they can’t really enforce their resolutions (technically).
  • UN on legal marijuana – The United Nations do not have the legal authority to do anything in the US. They can “strongly suggest” something but ultimately it is up to the US government to implement new laws and so forth. Not only do the UN lie regarding marijuana, they too are to blame for this hideous war on drugs. It was because of them that cartels gained access to a highly lucrative market, them and Nixon of course.
  • What will the Government do?- We can expect the government to try to side with the UN (for once). The US constantly ignore the Security Council on their petitions but when it comes to drugs you can almost bet money on the fact that the US federal government will try to side with these impostors.
The fact of the matter is that the people of Colorado and Washington have spoken. If the Federal government goes against their wishes for legal marijuana, you can expect a major schism between people and government occur. Legal Marijuana is here to stay…get used to it Yans!
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