Legal Marijuana and Violence – No Real Evidence

Legal Marijuana
We've heard it all before; “legal marijuana will increase addiction and violence”. It is one of the supposed reasons as to why marijuana is illegal. But is it true? Is there any factual evidence to support this outlandish claim? The answer; no! A recent Human Rights Watch study indicated a completely different scenario. Legal Marijuana will not increase violence, in fact, it has very little to do with violence at all.
  • The Study – In essence what the study found was that of all the people who were arrested for marijuana possession from 2003-2004, only 3.1% committed a violent felony later on and that 0.4% committed two or more. Out of the sample group of 30,000 convictions we’re talking about 1050 people were violent offenders. That means that 28,950 people were non-violent offenders and were not an actual threat to society. Count up all the expenses surrounding these arrests, man power, court room time, jail time etc. All of this was done to do absolutely nothing to make your life safer.
  • The law makers – Now you begin to see why lawmakers and cannabis policy writers are so against legal marijuana. It would strip them from their jobs. With marijuana legalization there would be need for fewer judges, lawyers and even cops. Most of law enforcement these days is spend on tracking down drug offenders mainly because it’s easier and makes more money. It is a system created to serve only those who benefit from prohibition. It has never been about the children, it has never been about public safety or public health. It has only ever been about the almighty dollar.
  Now you’ll definitely also hear addiction treatment centers rant and rave on how legal marijuana is a bad idea, but you’ll also have to take their claims with a grain of salt. Under prohibition these addiction clinics make billions of dollars annually so they too have incentive. Nobody wants to cut their own life lines, it’s understandable. But their lifelines come at the expense of millions of innocent people. It is an undeniable fact that legal marijuana is far less dangerous than what prohibition could ever be.
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