Will Washington and Colorado be Attacked by the Obama Administration?

Washington and Colorado
With the legalization of Cannabis across the country, Washington and Colorado got the magic wand wave of cannabis legalization for recreational use. However, despite this great advance in the fight for Country wide prohibition, there has been talk that Obama may pursue these states since cannabis is still a Section 1 drug under federal law. Will the administration attack: The Fed has been pretty “hush hush” since the ballots passed the bill that allows marijuana for recreational use in Washington and Colorado. There have been some Obama recently did an interview on the Barbara Walters show stating that they did not really have any intention to pursue the states in question and that they had bigger fish to fry. If this remains true, this could be the beginning of the end of prohibition. Despite hopes that the Obama administration will not go after the states in question, he goes on to say that he thinks that there needs to be a conversation about how to reconcile the fact that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, yet accessible in eighteen different states at the state level. The I’s have it: There has been an overwhelming majority that believes that the Fed should respect the laws that have already been passed in Washington and Colorado. Lawmakers however feel that they have to deal with these states by prosecuting the people that are already growing in accordance with state law. Although this may be the will of the Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration, they lack the manpower, political backing, and public support. This is an interesting time of marijuana policy for those of us in the community. We need to continue to support and voice our opinions in hopes that the will of Washington and Colorado will spread like wild fire amongst other states, if even just to end prohibition.  
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