Legalize Marijuana and Reap the Financial Rewards

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Many people who don’t think that we should legalize marijuana tend to think that those who are proponents of legalization simply want the privilege of being able to get high without consequences, but there are plenty of these proponents that have something other than getting high on their minds.  In fact, there are many proponents of legal marijuana that do not even use it at all.  In both groups, those who use it and those who don’t, there are numerous people who see the financial benefits that can result from marijuana legalization.  And the financial rewards we’re talking about are not only those that will be provided to individuals running successful marijuana businesses, but also a much wider scale of people that can benefit as well.  An overview of just how financially beneficial it could be to legalize marijuana, and of who will be the benefactors, will give opponents of legalization something to think about.

The Benefits of Marijuana Legalization Explained

There is no doubt that those who sell marijuana once it is legal will surely make a profit from doing so, but the profits from sales will benefit more than just the people selling.  Anytime a new business develops there are numerous other businesses that can profit from providing services, such as construction firms, utility companies, and retail and wholesale establishments, just to name a few.  And in addition to other businesses making money, the government, both local and federal, will profit as well, in the form of taxes and permit and licensing fees.  All of this will bring a lot more money into local communities, states, and to the nation as a whole.

How the Rewards Will Benefit the Average Person if We Legalize Marijuana

Many people are mistaken in thinking that the only ones that are going to benefit if we legalize marijuana are those involved in related businesses, and of course the government.  The truth, though, is that we will all benefit a little from an improved economy, and legal marijuana could be the answer to that.  Legal marijuana could very well be the beginning of lower taxes, more funding for schools, and certainly more jobs.  What could possibly be bad about that? The step to legalize marijuana may be a big one, but it is a huge step forward in regards to fixing the economy.  For some the idea of legalization may be incomprehensible, but lack of knowledge should not be what keeps us from reaping the financial rewards of legalized marijuana.

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