Lighting Cycles – Optimize Your Grow

One of the most frequently asked questions I seem to come across about growing indoors seems to be proper lighting cycles. Technology has come a long way and marijuana light cycles have been nailed down to a science for optimal growth and optimal yield per crop. Timing Cycles: your plants will grow in practically any circumstances, but the cannabis that you require for your purposes, requires care and the proper surroundings. If you have yet to even sprout your plant, then your light cycle will have to be set to a 24/7 or 24/0 (twenty-four hours/zero dark for about 3-5 days) cycle until they have sprout.In the vegetative state, your plants are going to require a great deal of “sun”, thus your lights will be working overtime with an eighteen hours on/six hours off, of 18/6. When you finally get your plant successfully to the flowering period, you can change the lighting cycle to a 13/11 or 12/12 cycle for the remainder of your grow. Light and Dark cycles: When growing indoors, just remember that you are essentially trying to mimic Mother Nature. With that being said, you need to make sure that when you decide on your grow area, that there is absolutely NO LIGHT coming in. Your plants, depending on the strain (some strains are much heartier than others) are very sensitive and need their rest and downtime. The best way to look at it would be to consider a baby and its need to sleep to develop properly. You would not want the baby to have a bright room when trying to slumber, would you? Remember, that not only is your lighting set up important, but so is the set up you choose and its ability to remain light-tight. Your lighting setup is a whole other animal all together. Depending on what your budget is, you can get a really nice hydroponics set up for under two- thousand dollars (and more than likely, cheaper depending on where you look), but regardless of how good your set up is, if your Lighting Cycles are not properly managed, your setup will not matter.
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