Luca Brasi Cannabis Strain

I thought the Luca Brasi cannabis strain would be a fascinating strain to review, considering its interesting name and I don’t feel like Indica get the “props” due to them in my circle of friends. With a 11.33 percent CBD, 17.96 percent THC levels, it is an excellent Indica. Origins and Growth: Luca Brasi comes to us from The Clinic in Denver, Colorado. It is an Indica strain that comes from a pre-98 Bubba Kush (CBD Pheno) X Corleone OG Kush. Although some Patients may be searching for the Bubba Kush that the clinic is so well known for producing, this strain is a great alternative in the meantime. Appearance and Aroma: its color is a deep lime green with a light frosting from end to end. The Amber chre hairs give these nuggets an amazing appearance. Medical Effects and Suggested Use: gives a very heavy body stone and is known for its high percentage of CBD, which helps with patients who do not want to suffer any type of memory impairment. Furthermore it also helps in patients require medicine for convulsions anxiety, nausea and helps in some cases of inflammation. High CBD levels also help in patients that require the use of anti-psychotics for people suffering from schizophrenia. This strain is generally used for the treatment of chronic pain, anti-nausea, sleep disorders, and appetite stimulant. This strain got rated as one of the Top 10 (placed second) dankest buds of 2011 by Huffington Post.  The Luca Brasi cannabis strain, with its high CBD content, should definitely be considered for cancer, convulsion and patients suffering from schizophrenia, just to name a few.
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