Marijuana Arrests- Sad Stories in Handcuffs

Marijuana Arrests
One of the most obvious issues about our community pressing the issue of ending marijuana prohibition is the constant hassle and risk of the criminal justice system. We are all aware that the laws need to change, but that does not help those people who get arrested and incarcerated for these antiquated policies. Proof is in the Pudding: Marijuana Arrests did see a decline in 2011, but still made up a little less than half of all of the illicit drug violations in the United States. Everything from possession to sale and/or distribution covered the gamete of arrests, which also included all different types of cultivation. Police made a total of 800,000 arrests between 2006 and 2010 for only cannabis violations. In 2011, 86% of the arrests made were for possession only and the Midwest saw an all-time high of marijuana arrests, with the amount hitting 61% of all drug arrests. The west has the lowest amount of arrests for cannabis violations, where it only comprised 29% of all drug arrests. Will tension ease anytime soon? : The Obama administration has been rather tight lipped about this whole issue. Some are speculating that, since Obama has nothing to lose, he will leave well enough alone and allow the states to govern themselves. This opinion is best supported by the amount of public support cannabis reformation has seen in the last ten years. This “war on drugs” has already burdened the tax payer enough, created a disrespect for the law and has impeded on peoples liberties to partake in a substance that is, quite frankly, healthier than our current options. Marijuana arrests do nothing more than cause us to pay more for a broken criminal justice system, tax disproportionately, support drug cartels, push through backdoor deals of special interest groups  and create criminals out of sick and ailing patients. We truly need a change.    
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