What if Marijuana Cured Cancer (Documentary)

The Following is part of our growing video archive where we track down amazing documentaries to help inform our user base. We believe that through documentaries, videos and other informative mediums we will be able to educate enough people to make a significant impact on the current approach to drug prohibition. Hopefully this marijuana documentary will help shed the light on the truth behind cannabis. If you are interested in helping end the seven decade long persecution of cannabis and cannabis users, find out what you can do to spread the word and how to legalize marijuana? Marijuana Doctors 411 strongly recommends you to organize screenings of these documentaries in schools, universities, office spaces, forward them in emails, post them on your Facebook walls and so forth. The reason being that if enough people can spread the truth about marijuana, the lie that is cannabis prohibition must come to an end. 66% of the US is in favor of marijuana legalization and despite the fact that in a "normal" democracy this would have been enough, it is our duty to take it to the next level. If the government does not want to acknowledge that marijuana is a life saving medicine and more importantly, a fundamental human right of each and every living being on this planet, then it is our duty to raise the banner higher and to move forward with more conviction. Below is one of my favorite short documentaries, very well researched and incredibly informative.  What if Marijuana Cured Cancer (Documentary)
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