Will Automatic Marijuana Dispenser Machines be the End of Dispensaries?

marijuana vending Will Automatic Marijuana Dispenser Machines be the End of Dispensaries?Last year a company named MedBox made headlines due to a dramatic spike in the price of their stocks. Since then other companies also jumped on board to make their very own Marijuana Dispenser such as Dispense Labs. But with all of these new methods, would the need for dispensaries disappear? The answer is no! A Marijuana Dispenser essentially is an added tool in the toolbox of dispensaries in order to provide twenty four hour service. Patient Preference suggests that many medical marijuana patients prefer to purchase their cannabis at night times. Discretion is the main motivator for these buying habits and due to the inability of staying open 24/7 a dispensary could implement this service to cater to their customers. The notion to think that a mechanical box can replace the “human factor” in dispensaries is quite preposterous. Patients enjoy being guided in their purchases and while a machine might have descriptions next to the bud, it won’t be able to cater to the exact queries of the patients. But what these marijuana dispensers would be able to extend “availability of product”. The “Autospense” by Dispense Labs has a touch screen, finger print recognition and will verify whether the patient’s card is valid or not. In addition to this it will be securely installed behind bars with an access window and will be monitored all day. The Medical Marijuana Community should not resist this type of change but should rather embrace the fact that companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to cater to an ever growing community. This is just additional evidence to suggest that cannabis is and will become an intricate part of society. It only goes to show that the inevitability of legalization is on the horizon. Companies like Medbox and Dispense Labs are pioneers in an industry that should never have been made illegal in the first place.
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