Weeding Out the Myths About Marijuana Effects

So much of what you hear about marijuana couldn’t be further from the real truth, but yet many people believe what they hear.  The fact of the matter is, the lies about marijuana have been being told for so long that many people don’t know any different, and they don’t realize that there are two sides to the marijuana story.  The most prominent lies that are told about this natural healing herb have to do with the effects that are caused by it.  And in an effort to educate we are going to blow the lid off some of the biggest myths about marijuana effects right now.
  • Myth # 1 – The Gateway Drug Myth – One of the biggest myths about marijuana effects is that it acts as a gateway drug.  One of the reasons for people believing this myth is the fact that many people who try harder drugs do in fact smoke marijuana, but that doesn’t mean that they use it first, it simply means they use it also.  If extensive studies were done it is very likely they would be more apt to find that alcohol is more of a gateway drug than marijuana.
  • Myth # 2 – The Addiction Myth – The perceptions of addiction in the case of marijuana are widely exaggerated by opponents of its legalization.  First of all, addiction has much more to do with the individual than with the drug.  If someone has an addictive personality they can become addicted to anything from chocolate chip cookies to taking bubble baths on Tuesdays.  Also, studies show that addiction to marijuana for those that use it is rare, less than 10 percent of the population that has admitted to using it in fact.
  • Myth # 3 – The Health Risk – The perceived health risks associated with marijuana use are also greatly exaggerated, and some of them even outright lies.  Recent studies have debunked the myth regarding marijuana and an increased risk of developing certain forms of cancer, including lung cancer.  And, there is no evidence that marijuana can cause mental illness like some opponents of legalization have suggested either.  The truth is, marijuana provides more health benefits than it does risks.
Many misconceptions of marijuana effects exist and it is our job to debunk those myths so that the truth will finally become a reality.  Only then will we have enough people on board to finally legalize marijuana.
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