Marijuana Facts and Fiction 101

By Jeandré Gerber  Marijuana Facts and Fiction 101 Today the approval of Marijuana legalization is at an all-time high, no pun intended. It seems that the stigma of prohibition is slowly beginning to fade and this is primarily due to the effortless work of the Medical Marijuana Pioneers. Since 1996 the Medical Marijuana and Marijuana as a whole gained popularity especially when patients started benefitting from its consumption. Yet at the same time it seems that prohibitionists decided to up the ante in terms of “negative propaganda” claiming things such as “Marijuana lowers your IQ” or “The Marijuana of today is much stronger than 30 years ago”. These claims in most cases have little or no factual evidence to support it yet still are used at the highest levels within the Federal Government to justify the continual practice of prohibition. Despite thousands of patients that have benefitted from its use as medicine, despite the millions of recreational users around the world, the prohibitionist rhetoric continues to beat the same old drum. Here at Marijuana Doctors 411 we will take the facts and separate it from fiction in order to educate the populous. It is imperative that people learn what is real regarding marijuana and what isn’t. On both sides of the spectrum there are fantasias claims and it is our job to make sure that the information you receive is 100% true and fallacy free. We will go through every single prohibitionist claim, argument and statements and scrutinize it to the max in order to strip it from invented “truths”. Whenever you read or hear prohibitionists say things like “Studies have shown” or “Scientists have recently discovered” alarm bells should be going off in your head. These tactics were used by prohibition since the beginning and in most cases these so called studies are nothing more than invented government propaganda. In fact a prime example would be the Shafer Report where Nixon spent a small fortune trying to find something “wrong” with Marijuana. After a long time of tests, analysis and laboratory trials the report came back saying; “Marijuana is one of the safest drugs out there” of which Nixon replied by starting the War on Drugs; Marijuana being “public enemy number one!” Thus it our job to provide you with factual information and to educate you in identifying these prohibitionist endorsed fallacies. It’s not always easy because in many instances this information is so well designed that it can even fool an expert “Cannaseur”. Marijuana Doctors 411 aims to provide 100% fallacy free reports on what Marijuana is really about. There still is much to learn about cannabis, but as the grip of prohibition loosens, we can expect this information to surface. Knowledge is our only weapon against ignorance, so it’s time to stock up!
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