Marijuana Gateway Theory Re-hashed, re-polished and fooling mainstream America

abuse 6fSkB Marijuana Gateway Theory Re hashed, re polished and fooling mainstream AmericaIn a recent “study”, and I use the word loosely, by Quest Diagnostic found that “recreational marijuana users have a higher possibility for abusing prescription drugs”. They apparently sifted through 227,402 urine samples and based their evidence on it. To summarize their findings;
  • Marijuana was the most frequent “non-prescribed drug” with more than one in four samples coming up with cannabis in it. These patients did not use their prescriptions as was indicated by the big Pharma monster.
  • 45% of recreational users were also doing other non-prescription drugs compared to the 36% of non-recreational smokers doing “non-prescription drugs” on the side.
  • 37% of medical cannabis users misused other prescription drugs
  • Recreational marijuana users were only slightly higher on the misuse of prescription drugs than non-smokers.
According to one these so called Ph.D’s F. Leland McClure said the following; "Our data raises the possibility that people who use marijuana recreationally are more likely to misuse their prescribed medications and other drugs. This is disturbing in light of the prevalence of marijuana use and the epidemic of drug addiction and death due to prescription medication abuse in the United States” You can read the rest of the article by clicking on the hogwash above. Now, let’s put things in perspective shall we? Firstly this test was conducted on test subjects that were already using prescription drugs or should have done so under controlled clinical supervision. However recreational marijuana users are only 1.3 times more likely to “abuse” Pharma drugs. I have been researching cannabis for a very long time now and have found that most people who uses cannabis for pain and many other conditions do so because they can’t stand to ingest Pharma drugs any more. Most Medical Marijuana patients wish to sway from harsh drugs that destroy your kidneys, livers, brains and so much more. This study simply goes to show that while these “scientists” did in depth urine analysis, they tried to re-hash the old Gateway theory. The slanderous yellow journalism goes to show that the prohibition tactics of old only got a facelift every decade or so. Those who smoke cannabis, recreationally and medically both come to one conclusion: Why do pills, booze and so on when I can smoke weed? Columbia wants to use marijuana to sway people from harder addictions. It just baffles the mind that people just can’t accept the fact that cannabis is coming back and it’s not going away. The people have spoken loud and clear; LEGALIZE!

America the Drug Nation

Whenever you turn on the television, listen to the radio, look at a Billboard what do you see? “Are you sleepy? Do you blink when you’re awake? Do you have dreams at night? Then you must be suffering from a new disease we just invented of which Big Pharma has the answer. Use Stupifinex to control your humanity. Ask a Doctor if you qualify for “Stupifinex” The Preferred drug choice of mindless ilk” Drugs in all shapes and sizes are being pushed on every front. Everywhere you turn there is a new disease or condition “plaguing America”. We can blame an increase of drug use on recreational marijuana, but here’s who I blame; Big Pharma, Mainstream Media, Pill popping politicians and all those who profiteer from prohibition.

Bottom line on Marijuana

Don’t let these “studies” fool you. For those of us who partake from the ancient healing herb we know that smoking cannabis does not increase your desire to abuse other drugs, in fact I personally kicked a nicotine addiction of 15 years with cannabis, I hardly drink alcohol and haven’t taken a prescription medicine in years. These are descendants of Anslinger, DuPont and Hearst just trying to sell you old junk. Fool me once…shame on you…fool me twice…not this time!
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